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SEQANOID: Space Brick Breaker

An addictive, action packed brick breaker game with unique power ups. We let you break, smash and destroy bricks in your way to explore our twisted universe. Get it now!


◾ Moving Bricks.
◾ Amazing Power-Ups.
◾ Unique Soundtracks.
◾ Global High-score list.

◾ Moving Bricks.
While you move your bat to the left and right the bricks will follow your movement!

◾ Amazing Power-Ups.
The type of power-up are only revealed when you catch it, so be sure to catch them all! 
Some of them are really unique and some follows the other classic brick breaker variants.

lvl27-ipad_1024x768 lvl12-ipad_1024x768 lvl13-ipad_1024x768

– Crazy bat
– Flappy bat
– Wrecking ball
– Mini Me
– Laser

◾ Unique Soundtracks.
Every level offers a unique soundtrack.

◾ Global High-score list.
Are you up for the challenge to get it to the top in our global hall of fame.


The game play is straight forward. Smash and break all bricks in your way to get to the next level. But do it as quick as possible, because after a while you will get time penalties and increased ball speed.

When you reach higher levels the bricks start to change size and rotation.

The game offers more than 35 levels of action packed delight.

Break, smash and destroy bricks in your way to explore our universe.

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