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Save The Dragon


Tap, Tap and Tap, keep the dragon on air. An Amusing game from the developers at SoftDesign.

The colour of the Dragon with the soft coloured ambience is soothing to the eyes. You get enamoured by the flying hero and feel like taking him to the highest level.

It is so exhilarating you just keep your finger busy. The background music is enthralling and makes you keep playing.

saveThedargon2            saveThedargon3           saveThedargon4


The gameplay is extremely challenging and the controls in the game are easy and intuitive, as they just involve you tapping and tilting your device in the direction you want to fly. The precise placement of the obstacles make the game a challenging one.


App Description :

Help the dragon to soar as high as possible. This pretty green winged creature badly needs your support. Confidently lead it up, sideslip obstacles and carefully pick up all diamonds – you will find a use for them. Sky Experience. Simple control and continual struggle with gravity effectively work.

Give the device a tilt and tap the screen to make the hero to keep on flying in the intended direction.Be careful, it is strictly prohibited to touch walls. Apart from bonuses you can come up against moving peaks, huge torches and other “delights” of free flight.

Air trip will be much more cheerful if you use additional options: acceleration, extra lives and other pleasant little things. You can exchange the gathered crystals for game artifacts and open new dragons.

Collect bonuses, scores and wins during competitions with friends. The time will then spin away and your dragon will subdue new heights never yet seen.