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PopStar2015 By Xue Feng


PopStar2015 yet another challenging and thrilling match 3 puzzle game. Its a kind of game where you are never satisified playing, you always aim to score high and eager to reach the next level.


The game amuses as well as challenges your intrinsic skill. The dazzling color of the blocks is so magnificent that without doubt would appeal to the connoisseurs.
You just have to tap 2 or more adjacent blocks of the same color to clear them but as level increases the difficulty increases . But you have booster tools to help you to clear the blocks and are really a saviour at times.

The animations that occur during disappearence of the stones are smooth and magnificent. And the stars that appear during bursting look so fantastic. Also the bursting sound is soothing and pleasing to hear.

PopStar2 PopStar3 PopStar4

The background of each level is so bright and colorful. The graphics are stunnigly gorgeous. The game looks great, the controls are super simple and responsive, and the gameplay is challenging. I’ve been enjoying PopStar2015 so far, as it’s a challenging game to keep me entertained in my spare time.

I highly recommend to check this game yourself.

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