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Monster Chopper – A Combat Copter

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You have an arduous task ahead of you which won’t be complete till you annihilate the enemies. In the not too distant future the Biological Warfare has led to the metamorphosis of certain species into monstrous beasts. The airborne virus NARIO and its rapid spread among the birds is been seen as the primary threat to the planet. Having lost many of its pilots to the beasts the Global Air Command is in desperate need for volunteers. The Monster Choppers as they are called are such brave hearts that volunteered for Operation ORINA and took the attack to the Beast Colonies with everything to lose.

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So use your attack helicopter, be the exterminator and save the world…

• Play game with 3 different Attack Helicopters
• Awesome Ammunition including 4 Cool Missiles
• Formidable Enemies including Fire Breathing Birds
• 3 beautiful and challenging Worlds with 3 Levels each
• Over 50 Objectives and Achievements to compete with your friends
• Endless Gameplay
• Sensor based Gravity Control

• Desert Heat
• Forest Hover
• Freak in Chill

• Boeing Apache
• Milit Panther
• Machete

• Kracker Jacker
• Dwasht
• Blue Thunderbolt
• Mamba

• Monk
• Marksman
• Maverick
• Minutes
• Maestro

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