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Jumpy Chap


To all those who love playing addictive games, Jumpy Chap is a game for you. This game is from the developers at MeekGames.

Jumpy Chap has a simplistic gameplay and infuriating difficulty level which makes a gamer to play again and again.

Jumpy Chap is a “one-touch” game, meaning you only have one control to worry about i.e. tapping the screen to make the Chap to jump across the boxes. You must use this single control to avoid crashing into this boxes or landing over the boxes so that he reaches office in time.

Jumptchap3       jumpychap4

The graphics in Jumpy Chap are simple and elegant and this is what i like in addictive games. The player is scored based on the number of boxes he crosses.  It’s one of those games where you try, you fail, you automatically tap on the “Retry” button to give it another go. All that you try to do is to beat your previous best score. When I started playing it, I had to tap on “Retry” 5 times to get my first score.


I highly recommend checking out Jumpy Chap if you enjoy playing addictive games.