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INERTIX is a new and innovative physics-based game combining inertial movements with timing.

The gameplay consists of particles that orbit around the cores in an inertial environment. Particles can be detached from the cores and they can travel to other cores.  All the particles need to be guided to their designated colored cores. Player needs to choose the right time to detach them from the cores.  Try not to lose any particle and do not mismatch the destination color.

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• Tap anywhere, anytime on the screen to detach all the orbiting particles at the same time from their cores.
• The particles will travel in a straight line until they reach another core.
• If the particle reaches the solid circumference of the core, the particle will attach to it. If the particle reaches the dashed circumference, the particle will enter the core:
• If the particle has the same color as the entered core, it will be absorbed. To complete the level, all the particles must be absorbed.
• If the particle doesn’t have the same color as the entered core, the player will lose the level.
• After travelling, all the remaining particles must attach to any core, otherwise the player will lose.


• Original gameplay mechanics with single-tap control.
• Different ways to solve.
• Simple and elegant design.
• No ads and no in-app purchases.
• Progress save to iCloud.
• Compatibility with iOS 8 and iPhone 6/6 Plus.
• New levels coming out.