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Fly Snatch – Fast paced action game

FlySnatch Fly Snatch is a fun, easy to play game of reflexes and precision. You play as a Chameleon, who’s sole purpose is to catch as many flies as possible before the life bar meter diminishes. Your Chameleon character catches flies by protracting their tongue and making contact with a fly in mid air, just like as in real life. Flies are by no means easy to catch, they move in random directions and become faster and faster as your score increases, catching flies increases your life bar meter and your score. FlySnatch2 As if catching flies wasn’t challenging enough, you also need to keep an eye out for wasps, making contact between a wasp and your Chameleon’s tongue inflicts damage, avoid the wasps at all costs! You can unlock extra characters in the game by catching more flies, a total number of flies is recorded that includes all of your separate game sessions. This total is used to unlock the individual characters in the character selection section of the game. Fly Snatch also contains a top score and total flies caught leaderboards so you can compare your score with fellow worldwide Game Center users. Fly Snatch is free to download from the App Store, an Android version is scheduled for release soon.

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