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screen568x568 In this busy world its not possible to store everyone’s contact in your phone. So the developers at have come up with a wonderful app DialZoo. 

The reason i like this app is , I dont have to give my contact number . I have just linked my phone number to my email and its easy for people to contact me and also for free. Also if i am busy , people can leave me a voicemail. 

The design of DialZoo is simple and elegant. The controls are simple and intutive. The color of the app is soothing and so it makes easy to use. I couldn’t resist from downloading this app as it saves my time.

DialZoo is a easy to use iPhone app with a simple set up.Users who wish to receive the calls on their phone lines (landline or mobile) just link their phone number to their email address in dialzoo (App or Webapp); if not, the caller is invited to leave a dialzoo voicemail that will be forwarded to the recipient’s email inbox.

Calls are always free for the callers, receivers who wish to receive the calls on their phones simply add credits to their accounts (free credits available). Rates for receivers are extremely competitive and fixed irrespective of where the call originates from as dialzoo will route the calls from a local Point of Presence to the phone.

Uses for dialzoo are multiple: drop a free voicemail to anyone in the world anytime; allow your customers or leads to call you for free (and at a very low cost to you) right from your website; receive calls on your phone without revealing your phone number; call home from abroad for almost nothing; forget phone numbers, just remember the email address! As the dialzoo Webapp uses WebRTC technology, the webapp is currently supported in Chrome and Firefox on desktops and in Chrome for Android for smartphones. iOS devices use the iOS app.


The Press Release:

PS: The app comes with over 30 minutes of free calls, for plenty more credits, just write to them and they’ll add a bucketful. Twitter-icon

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