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Type Using PC

Type Using PC is world’s simplest method of typing on your phone using a PC or laptop keyboard

No special connection or setup required. All you need is PC and Android device with Internet connection. This can be any network connection such as Cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet/Cable/DSL.


To type on your Android device, simply type any text in the Type Using PC app on your PC. Anything you type in the PC app will be instantly available on your phone’s clipboard. This text can be pasted to any app on your device such as E-mail, messaging etc.

TypeUsingPC2 TypeUsingPC3 TypeUsingPC4

Type Using PC can be used for typing non-English characters on your Android device using PC. Use Type Using PC for typing Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati or any other language supported on your PC.