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Sky Shield By Insycom Inc


Sky Shield is a simple game, all you have to do is just shoot down an enemy aircraft with modern surface-to-air missile (SAM). You have three missiles in charger, using long press you can reload it any time, the loading time depends on the numbers of missiles in a charger.

Each aircraft can bomb you any time. If aircraft bombed you three times the game will be over. Try to shoot down aircrafts as many as possible.

Use your fingers to manage you SAM. Panning fingers left or right change missile launch angle which is indicated by doted line, long press reloads missile, two taps sets game on pause and one tap to shoot.

The game keeps a deep statistics of your achievements like:
– How many aircrafts were shoot down
– How many missiles are not reached the target
– How many shoots and reloads have been performed
– And you probability to hit or miss an aircraft

The game is free to play and includes an In-App Purchase feature. If you do not wish to use this feature you can turn it off by press Remove Ads button on a main screen.

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