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Rise Wars [ Risk game ]


Want to dominate the world?

Then Rise Wars is a game meant for you. The game developed by ALLSoftware and its available for both Android and iOS.

Rise Wars is one of those games that you will keep playing. It’s a modern day interpretation of the historic and famous board game “Risk”. The graphics in Rise Wars are stunningly beautiful.Its appeals to anyone who prefers a more minimalistic approach to their games.
It’s not always about how a game looks because gameplay is more important, but this one is gorgeous.The bright and vibrant colors makes it look fantastic. It stays true to original, whilst adding online multiplayer. Its has an extremely accurate ranking system.

I highly recommend giving this game a try if you enjoy challenges.




risewars1 risewars2

risewars3 risewars4

The App Description : 

Try now “Rise Wars”, based on the classic “Risk”, the famous board game! But be warned, soon you will be hooked!

With this new version, enjoy “Risk”, or “Risiko”, with a more dynamic style without losing a drop of fun . Take a look at the screenshots and see the possibilities that “Rise Wars” offers to you.
Get the 45 achievements available , increase your military rank and improve your ranking to become the best player on the “Risk” world stage. Are you ready?
In this version , enjoy maps as Europe, North America, Pangea , Tamriel and classic World. Submit your own maps and soon will be added to the game!

Play against your friends on one device or online, all for free! The game is designed for 2 to 6 players. “Rise Wars [Strategy & Risk]” supports both phones and tablets and is available on most platforms.
Moreover, you can play against 3 levels of Artificial Intelligence. You can ask at any time the source code to confirm the absence of traps.
The games are highly customizable, you have many options to adapt the game to the desired game experience. Also, your games will be saved for you to follow anytime.
This new “Risk” game is available in English, German, Spanish , French , Portuguese and Italian languages at the moment.