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Money Mine: Clicker – by SoftDesign

Money Mine, yet another challenging and thrilling game from the developers at SoftDesign.

The graphics in Money Mine are incredibly magnificent and without doubt would appeal to the connoisseurs. The exotic colors beautifully bring alive the characters in all their acts.
MoneyMine2 MoneyMine3 MoneyMine4

The gameplay is so challenging that your fingers feel the exuberance of a tap dancer while tapping and will be reluctant to stop clicking.

While the animations in the game occur mostly when you break the stone, it’s still smooth and fluid. The clicking sound keeps your heart racing and the thrill is indescribable.

MoneyMine5 MoneyMine6 MoneyMine7

You may be tentative and circumspect in the begining, but the initial guide is enough to carry you forward. I’ve been enjoying Money Mine so far, as it’s a challenging game to keep me entertained in my spare time.

I highly recommend giving this game a try to check your finger speed.





 App Description :

Money Mine is a new clicker game for all Android devices where you have to tap not just fast, but very fast. The more clicks you make, the more gold coins, upgrades and valuable ore you get.

Infinity is not the limit!
– 25 unique buildings
– 200 kinds of valuable rock
– 400 (!) levels for pimping up skills
– World ranking system

You have a small town in the Wild West that you got to develop long and hard. Necessary gold is developed in the mine, and the most part of the game occurs here under the ground.

By constantly tapping on the screen, you break various stones. They differ in strength, viability and the time required for breaking one block. The higher the level is, the more efforts you have to use to get the “Big Boom”. The process is much more fun if you regularly go to the store and pimp up your skills.

You can develop buildings located on the surface of the mine: washer, crusher, mine and smelter. By improving them, you can discover new opportunities and break stones faster. Gradually, the mine is becomeing a thriving town, rather than a dull village.

Traditionally, as you progress through the game, levels become more complex, new obstacles and other surprises appear, i.e. super stones and special artifacts.

Money Mine is a fun “time-killer” game that does not require much attention. It is played automatically if you have 5 to 10 minutes to spare. But no one knows where your excitement will take you. Gold, it is insidious …