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Minute Ball

iPhone3-5 iPhone3-2

MinuteBall. Yes, this addictive game complement the short, cold days and long winter nights. MinuteBall is one of those games that you will keep playing, because it gives you that “just one more level” mentality.

Before I get in to the gameplay, I want to talk about the design –
In MinuteBall, the background of each level is utterly gorgeous and are easy on the eyes. The colors are simple too and the level designs are flamboyant. The beautiful scenes will catch your eye. The visuals in MinuteBall are elegant, something I always like to see in a game. The shipshape design is what separates this game from the rest.

The game looks great, the controls are super simple and responsive, and the gameplay is challenging.

I highly recommend checking out MinuteBall if you enjoy playing addictive games.




App Description : 

Full version of Minute Ball Game includes 12 beautiful scenes.
Don’t forget to collect falling coins! Slide (up and down) to move your paddle and change the direction of the ball – like pingpong. Be careful of dangerous bombs around. Never make the ball to contract any bomb.

Dangerous bombs can destroy the ball.
Again! Be carefull about bombs around the ball. You can tap The Bomb by to destroy it. It will test your reflexes to the maximum.

One minute is your limit.
You have one minute for each level. In other words, each level takes a minute.

FULL version of game (12 levels) is available on:

Free version of game (4 levels) is also available on: