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Maximum Overdrive – Monster Truck mayhem!!!

Do you love Monster Trucks? How about Monster Trucks equipped with Guns… BIG GUNS?

Maximum Overdrive puts you in control of over 15 Insane MONSTER TRUCKS with a huge variety of weapons. Choose from Machine guns, Cannons, Rocket launchers and more as you battle for supremacy in an all out Post Apocalyptic world.

*** Multiplayer and Single Player Modes ***
*** Daily Challenges ***
*** Game Center and Achievements ***
*** Tons of Unlock-Able Content ***
*** 100% FREE **

image image image image**WELCOME TO THE NEW WEST *
– Welcome to the world of Maximum Overdrive. A post-apocalyptic romp through the ravaged “Divided States of America”!
– Total Carnage and Destruction await as you fight for survival!
– Easy to learn, hard to master – Do you have what it takes?

– Unique 3D environments powered by the award-winning Unity Engine send players on-site to one of five spectacular post-apocalyptic locations!

– Select multiple control schemes and adjust their sensitivity for maximum control!* INDIE LOVE *
– Support indie game development and show your love!
– Emotional Robots is a self-funded, independent games developer. Whats not to love?