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Galaxy Storm: Galaxian Invaders

Defend Earth from the alien space invaders as they swoop and dive-bomb the defending player.

Collect bonus power-ups and use them to destroy the enemies easier. This version is limited to 1 life per game but you can play as much as you like. If you enjoy it buy the Full Version with all 3 lives.


Inspired by games like Galaxian, Galaga and Space Invaders.Press:
★★ App Weekender Pick – ★★
4/5 Stars – A solid, entertaining and challenging shoot ‘em up, Galaxy Storm is a great homage that old and young should try out. –
Some of our reviews…

This totally rocks!Mind blowing sound effects and very nice power-ups! Just amazing 😉

Great!! My kids love it!! Thank you!!

Fast Arcade Shoot’em up (Shmup) in the style of classic retro games.

Power-up with Blaster rapid fire, Plasma cannon, Side guns etc, Shields and more…

★ Easy to play, Hard to master
★ Fast smooth action on phone or tablet
★ Includes Power-ups and Bosses!
★ Great sound effects and soundtrack
★ Retro arcade feel
★ Global Scoreboard (to get on it score over 5000+ points)
★ 3 Control modes (Buttons or 1 Finger Drag or 2 Finger Drag)
★ Score bonuses for killing charging enemies
★ Optional CRT scanlines!!
★ Responsive controls
★ Multi-touch with fire button on top right of screen

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*** Controls (Drag or Buttons) ***
Button Control:
Left / Right / Fire buttons on bottom of screen (my personal preference)
Autofire: Just keep a finger on the playing screen above the ship or keep finger on fire button.
Drag Control:
1 Finger Drag Mode: Touch bottom screen to have ship follow your finger
2 Finger Drag Mode: Touch bottom screen to have ship follow your finger and tap screen above the ship to fire.

2 Finger Side Mode: Move and fire your ship by pressing each side of the screen

Includes the tricky “Alien-Dodge” from the classic Galaxian plus “Chase the Flagship”

Get your Highest Score on a Global High-score Table!
Works well on small or large screens

Full Version includes all 3 lives per game