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Future Trains


The year is 2034. A few years after the global hydrogen war. 95% of the world’s population is gone.
Almost all of the advanced technology has been wiped from the face of the earth as a result of the massive E.M.P. blasts of the hydrogen bombs.

Futuretrains1 Futuretrains2

Your situation:
As a former master engineer you strife to make the world a better place. You quickly realize that in order to fulfil your dream of a peaceful and prosperous world, the obliterated infrastructure must be re-created.
This infrastructure is mandatory for moving the resources needed for a thriving civilization. The fastest way to do this, is to use the only remaining viable mode of transportation and infrastructure. The old railways, and the even older steam engine trains.
Furthermore, the threat of the gangs that rule the outlands must be eliminated. That’s how order can be restored and people can once again move freely. Without fear of death.

Futuretrains3 Futuretrains4

Game features:
* Manage your stations
* Manage your resources
* Manage your trains, their routes and their cargo
* Multiple train types (steam and diesel electric)
* Battle the gangs of outlaws
* Throughout the game the story will unfold
* Beautiful music
* No in-app purchases needed for progression

Will you become the savior of this game?