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Drawissimo Kids-Draw and Enjoy

Drawissimo Kids-Draw and Enjoy is an Android mobile application created for everybody who would like to learn how to draw/trace on paper. When technology (Tablet device or Smartphone) joins traditional paper drawing. After you finish draw/trace with a pen you can take your color pens and color illustration like we suggest in step-by-step tutorials. Kids love it!

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If you would like to have a fun activity and spend your leisure time creatively with your kids or you just simply like drawing, than Drawissimo Kids-Draw and Enjoy is definitely the
right mobile app for you. Learn how to draw with us!

Drawissimo paper work


-Choose between 12 different categories with step-by-step illustrations ready to be drawn :
★ZOO animals,
★Anime, manga
★People and family
★Dragons, monsters and aliens
★Flowers and plants
★Sea and water animals
★Wild animals
★Cartoon superheroes and characters

We are going to add more categories and step-by-step illustrations on a daily basis.

★Simply take a photo of your choice or choose one from the gallery and voilà! You can try to draw that on paper!

How to use an app :

Draw an illustration:
1 Select a category
2 Select an illustration
3 Position/resize/fit screen for the selected illustration (You will see the final step at the begining and then move back to the first step, which is the step you start with)
4 Put a cup or glass on the paper and place the Tablet device/smart phone on top of it
(camera should be obstacles-free)
5 Turn the camera ON, paper should be clearly visible through the camera lense
6 Take a pen and start drawing