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“Atomic Dog” is an arcade-style, animated cartoon moving maze. With every game played, you collect treasure with your ATOMIC DOG and your Atomic Units (AU) accumulate, allowing players to unlock the winged, Plutonium Pig and super-speedy bouncy bunny, Radioactive Rabbit. Every time you play, your top score will be relayed to the Game Center, where there are all-time, weekly and daily world leaderboards, where you can challenge friends.

Set in a futuristic irradiated land, mutant cartoon superheroes, ‘ATOMIC DOG , PLUTONIUM PIG & RADIOACTIVE RABBIT’ battle bad guys, like Aliens in U.F.O.’s, crack kamikaze Crocodiles riding vintage rockets, deadly spinning Pulsars, and ace teams of Dinosaurs in fighter planes.
You control the 3 animated ‘Atomic Avengers’ with adjacent finger movement (no need to place your finger directly on the Atomic Avengers). Each unlocked Superhero is more nimble and a greater range of movement. Players can “UPGRADE” to remove all advertising. This gives a larger playing field, allowing players more time to ‘catch’ more Pterodactyls and Treasure, and to shoot down or avoid enemies!

Atomic Dog

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Our heroes are ‘Powered-Up” by meeting friendly colourful Pterodactyls! Each type of Pterosaur bears a different kind of SUPERPOWER-UP gift (Purple Hearts for Courage, Atomic Energy for Strength and GOLDEN BONES for Invincibility).

‘Atomic Dog’ Uses Atomically Energised Electric Power to Fling deadly Bolts of Pure Energy to Blast Bad Guys! Zap your enemies while Collecting Coins with your Atomic Dog to buy the agile winged plump porcine, ‘Plutonium Pig’!

This mutant Porker has been irradiated by a rare Plutonium Isotope, giving him superior Speed and Power. Yes, Now Pigs Can Fly! With his increased Speed and Range, ‘PU94 Pig’, (Plutonium 94, from the Periodic Table) Packs a serious Punch with his Fat V2 style Rocket assault…

While mastering PU94, you’ll be collecting masses of Coins to get and the ultimate Atomic Avenger, ‘Radioactive Rabbit’. This Bouncy Ballistic Bunny has incredible agility and fires fabulous flaming missiles from his FEET!

Visit the Atomic Bank to Purchase instant Pig Power. Get instant gratification… Buy your Funny Bouncy Deadly Bunny while you’re there too! To visit the Game Centre, Hit the “World” button to see how your Best Score ranks against Gamers around the Globe!

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