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Trap the Doge

How many steps do you need to Trap the Doge? Why don’t give it a try to the new mobile game: Trap the Doge! The creators of 2048 XP Puzzle Game, another highly popular mobile game this year, have officially launched the board game: Trap the Doge on both iOS and Android platforms.

The objective of the game is to trap the Doge and thwart his escape plan. At first glance, the game is simple and easy to play. A player just needs to tap the light blue dots on a 9X9 matrix in order to block the path of the Doge. However, after a few trials, you might find that it is not as easy as you thought. It might require some level of strategic planning beforehand in order to trap the Doge within the green dots. Otherwise, the Doge would get around the green dots, reach the edge of the matrix and you will lose! So, think twice before you tap any of the blue dots on the screen! Once the Doge is surrounded by green dots, you are successful. The fewer steps you take to trap the Doge, the higher score you get.

A short preview video can be found on Youtube:
To enjoy playing ‘Trap the Doge’, download it from Apple App Store at the following address:; and Google Play at this address:

The design of the game including its app icon and in-game images is kind of 8-bit-style graphics resembling many of the classic games in the ‘90s. The Doge itself has fun animations that would change if he is trapped. The Doge also utters lovely sound each time when you tap a dot. Coupled with lively background music, the sound effect of the game matches the escaping Doge theme very well. Players will be able to share their scores with friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you achieve a high score, why don’t brag about it! Go Trap the Doge now!

Wow! Very Game! Such Trap!

Contact: Tom Lee