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Tile Hunter Evolution

Tile Hunter Evolution is an awesome fast paced arcade game.
It essentially consists of tiles falling in space and all you have to do is to destroy by tapping them before they disappear from the screen.
You have to be quick and accurate because the rate of fall is getting quicker as the game progresses and missing the target is not tolerated in this game.
Not even once ….
Of course you have a series of power ups at your disposal to help you with the task .
The power ups available in Tile Hunter Evolution are :
The Bomb which destroys every tile currently on screen, Laser Cannons which fire lasers and destroy tiles as they drop for an amount of time and Time Warp which slows the descent rate of the tiles for an amount of time.

Tile Hunter Evolution features beautiful real time generated starscape as background (available in iPhone 5s or later generation) and its the only game available that is equivalent to an Adrenaline shot to the heart !!!