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Tapy is casual game where the user has to tap and destroy different objects flying towards his screen. Missing an object will crack his screen.

Tapy offers 3 Game Modes:
1) Classic: Keep on taping, before your life gets over.
2) Insane: 60 sec to show your skills.
3) Multiplayer: Play along with your friends or strangers and tap till your, or your opponent’s screen is cracked.
Objects and PowerUps

– Different kinds of object are thrown towards you.

– There are 3 types of Powerups to help you
i) Shield: Protects you from objects for some time
ii) TimeLapse: Slows down the speed of incoming objects for better control.
iii) Wiper: Wipes your screen cracks and increases your life.

– Powerups can be upgraded from the store for more control.