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Swat vs Zombie Grand Theft 2

Special detachment or calling that “SWAT” is the only one that remains and protect invasion of the shot zombie to caused by a virus, make humans become to zombies and eat meat people. Players can play as one of the SWAT team sent to prevent a invasion of zombies and final mission is to contact the call of mini zombie.
How to play game SWAT and zombie
Control, SWAT 2 overrun to address of zombie diary and enroute attack the zombies along the way, then players must be collect money and weapons available in the game. When attacked a heart the left will decrease and are depleted and must be to start a new game,but players can choose the game help to prevent and add more energy
– Players can buy weapon gun, protector device and energy boost from sales shop by players can collect money in enroute.
– Press the right hand to shooting weapons or stupid zombie 2.
– Press the left hand to jump.
– Players can collect weapons special and can be activated automatically. Special weapons such as guns, laser guns RPG and minigore 2
– There are 4 missions

***Special detail the players may be UFO suck to move the city.

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