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Sumptus – Personal Expense Tracker in Your Pocket

Sumptus allows you to keep tracks of all your expenses, manage your monthly, weekly or daily budget. Thanks to analytics tool you easily identify your most expensive expenses and cut them down.

+Add Expense Quick
Enter your expense in one tap away. Simple launch the app and instantly start typing your expense note. When you’re in a rush, you can only enter only the amount you spent.

+Natural Language Input
It’s a unique feature available only in Sumptus. To save an expense just type it in a plain English “Coffee 5″. Sumptus will recognise the expense and accurately create it for you.

+Multiple budgets
Create different budgets – one for home expenses, another for travel expenses and business trips. Add as many budgets as you need.

View the whole feed of your expenses or take a glance at pie-chart of all expenses by categories. The diagram in pie-chart gives you an understanding what expenses can be cut down and helps you keep your budget in line.

If you need to sum up a few expenses, simply use “+” while entering the expense: 25+45. Sumptus will sum your costs and save it as a single expense.

+Create limits
You can set limits for your monthly, or weekly expenses. This helps you easily track the amount of money left or saved. If you want to set a limit per category – it’s also possible. Limits encourage you to spend less and save more.

Use pre-defined categories. Once you feel that you need more categories create your own custom categories to personalise your list.

View your expenses for a selected time period: day, week or month. You can also compare expenses during the previous months with the current one. Use calendar to enter backdated expenses.

At the moment Sumptus is available for iPhone only. iPad version is coming soon.