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Spiders-Man Smash!

Available FREE for Android on:
Smash your way to a new high score in this deceptively simple game with endlessly fun.
In Spiders-Man Smash, our superhero – after many fights to keep the world in peace – now gets over weight and in terrible shape from a long rest. You are in the mission to help him regain his attractive body with this heavy training. The goal is to run as far as you can, smash all wooden walls blocking the path using his power combining with your sensitive eyes. The rule is dead simple. Just tap to smash! But, tap too late and your hero will face plant into the wall. Tap too early then your chubby Spiders-Man falls flat. You’ll need to time each smash just right. How far can you get?
What make this game unique:
• Creative and funny graphics.
• Simple rule of just one touch makes it look so easy to score, but disappoint everyone at the very first hit. As a big challenge for your eyes, the game brings great excitement for each successful smash – the feeling of conquering time. Just try to come over at least 2 first walls then you sure cannot put your phone down!
It is extremely easy to play:
• Tap to smash through walls.
• Time your tap just right.
• Score a point for each smash.
• Compete for high scores.
• Stay alive!
Play Spiders-Man Smash today. It’s FREE!