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Rusky Virtual Revolver

Rusky is a free fully functional dual action 3D revolver for your Android phone, tablet or device.

With Rusky Virtual Revolver you will be able to settle disagreements in a Russian roulette, have fun playing cowboys with your friends, or simply feel the power of holding a revolver like a tough movie star.

Rusky include all the moving parts expected in a revolver: a trigger, a hammer, a latch a cylinder with ratchet and, of course, an infinite supply of bullets. All of them can be moved by dragging.

Unlike other Russian roulettes, Rusky doesn’t add random numbers to your chances of winning. The bullet stays in it’s socket: just spin the cylinder and play like in a real Russian roulette: exept for you won’t die if you lose. Rusky doesn’t play dices. Your lack is only in your hands!

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