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PhotoTime is the smart photo management app that automatically organizes, sorts and tags all your photos, including those from your camera roll and social networks, to make them fast and easy to search and find.

Why Love PhotoTime:

>> Search Your Photos
With PhotoTime, finding pictures of friends and other memories has never been easier. For each photo, the PhotoTime app automatically recognizes who, what, when and where each photo is taken, using image and facial recognition technology to instantly generate keyword tags. You can then use keywords to search your entire photo collection, regardless where the photos are stored, on the device and on connected social networks and cloud services to find every photo with that tag. Simply search for the name, event, location or other keyword desired and share the entire search result with friends—no more manually scrolling between albums and individually selecting each photo.

>> Tag Your Family & Friends
Built-in advanced facial recognition technology automatically groups faces that are thought to be the same person together for easy tagging. To search, you can simply type in the person’s name.

>> Bookmark Your Favorites
PhotoTime’s bookmarking feature takes the photo album as we know it to a whole new—and much smarter—level. To bookmark a group of photos, you can simply tap the bookmark icon and PhotoTime organizes these images around common keywords or keyword combinations. When new photos are taken, PhotoTime automatically recognizes the content, generates appropriate tags and adds the new photos to the corresponding bookmarks.

>> Customize Your Keywords
You can modify the keywords by adding or deleting the tags, to make them more personal and unique.

>> Your Photos Are Safe and Private
We take your privacy seriously. We will never store your images on our servers, duplicate them on your devices or provide them to any third party.