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Forestry is a beautifully illustrated and animated IOS app for kids under 5 that’s so well done and pretty to look at that adults can certainly enjoy it as well. 15 wonderful interactive locations challenge a variety of tasks for children to enjoy over and again with continual interest.
Except refreshingly great graphics, which alone is worth the time it takes to download the app, Forestry offers unique gameplay and is free to get. As the characters think in images that pop up in thought bubbles, the game can be played in any language. But one can also choose a language from among several.
This universal app on either iPhone or iPad gives kids the grand opportunity to meet and greet a great selection of animals during their peaceful daily routine in that the cartoon character must build shelter, collect edibles, have a splashy swim in the lake and settle down for night time dreams.
Recently the IAP price has been significantly reduced within our Thank You Sale! Now you can buy 5 fine animals and pay only for 3 of them!