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EROS – Time travel.ling alien fall.down drop

– EPIC adrenaline action adventure throughout history – battle your way through
devastating alien attacks and save the planet!
– Collect 200 RED Crystals to advance to the next level!
– Hundreds of Alien enemies and collectable items!
– 12 Unique ERAs (levels)!
– Record and share your awesome gameplay!
– Insane BONUS Modes!

The year is 3033
Earth has been devastated after weapons of mass destruction were carefully planted by aliens throughout time and history.
You are Eros, soldier of the Earth Defense Force (EDF), and it is your mission to travel through time and eliminate the threat to the future.
Collect 200 time crystals scattered throughout each time period and fuel your time teleporter to advance to the next level!

Prehistoric: A time of danger and death! Sorry Eros, no life saving laser guns for you here! It’s all loin cloth and sharpened sticks. Do your best to stay out of the jaws of hungry predators and destroy those aliens. Oh and find the time crystals before a volcanic eruption destroys them all!

Medieval: Kings and Queens, knights and dragons, and oh yeah, alien scum!
Sharpen your blade and hone your senses, it’s not all about tournament jousting here. The full body armor may be hot and hard to move in, but you’ve still got a job to do soldier. Get down here and clear the time period without drawing attention to yourself!

Ancient Japan: HIYA! Your face is covered and you slide from shadow to shadow, working hard to never been seen. Yeah right! That’s never been your style! Crush the aliens beneath your feet, and let them know it’s you doing it! Who needs ninja stars when you have EDF training?

Egyptian Times: DId you know Egyptians pulled out a persons brain through their nose before they made them a mummy? Well the aliens are looking for an excuse to do the same to you! Work fast and beat those baddies and grab the time crystals on your way to the bottom!

Roman: It’s all sandals and swords in the old Roman times. Sorry we couldn’t afford a chariot, so you’re going to have to do this all on foot. But that’s nothing for a tough soldier from the future like you, right?

Native American: It’s America before the giant box stores and coffee shops on every corner. It’s mostly just corn right now. Put on your feathered head dress and get to dropping! Make nice with the Native Americans, and free them from the alien tyranny!

Colonial: Revolution is the word of the day. Spill your tea and get moving soldier! Time waits for no man, and neither do the oppressive alien warlords. Stop em, stomp em, and head on out.

WWI: You’ve been fighting a war over the last thousand years, but here you are right in the center of the first great one! Biplanes buzz overhead, gun shots ring out at alarming rates. This isn’t your fight Eros, so move on and collect those crystals. Your enemy will stop at nothing!

1970’s: Groovy! Far out! What embarrassing clothing! Pull on your bell bottoms and your platform shoes, you need to boogie to the bottom of this time period and make sure you shake it as fast as you can.

Space: One small step for man, one giant opportunity to kick some alien booty! These dastardly devils have even taken over the area around the Earth. You know the drill soldier, don’t get caught floating!

Future Mech warrior: Now we’re talking! Finally a time frame where they have cool stuff. Enjoy the robot suit, but make sure you know the task at hand. If you don’t know what you’re doing by now though, there’s no hope for you!

The mothership: Back in the present day. We missed you Eros! State of the art soldier bio suit: check. Evil aliens that need to be taught a lesson: check. The right man for the job: check. This is it! Oh and collect the time crystals even though you’re home. We think we can use the time teleporter to banish these aliens once and for all!