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Crimson Keyboard

Introducing a faster way to type. Crimson Keyboard adapts to your writing style and provides smart, personal and contextual suggestions. It shows predictions directly above the keys you’re likely to tap next. Just swipe up on a key to complete the word.

The native design is refined and improved with delightful animations and a clearer shift key. Subtle translucency, click sounds and an automatic contextual dark mode make Crimson feel right at home on your iOS device. A smart spacebar splits into comma and period keys at just the right moments. Don’t like the splashes of red? You can customize Crimson with different tint colors.

Crimson is powered by Adaptxt, an intelligent prediction engine that learns the words you use and predicts words you’re likely to write next. You can even use multiple languages simultaneously, and Crimson will automatically switch between them¹. Learning happens locally on your device, without information being transmitted over the internet. Your privacy is important to us.

Forgot a space or made a typo? Instead of unsolicited auto corrections, Crimson suggests corrections above keys. Just like predictions, swipe up corrections displayed in red to insert them. Still prefer auto correction? This can be enabled in the settings.