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Civilization: Race of Nations

In the game “Civilization: Race of Nations” you are leading an ancient civilization. Your task is to lead it through next eras, so it may become most glorious and advanced empire. To do so, you must construct new buildings: mines, farms, libraries and laboratories. You also must hire and feed new workers and research new technologies. As a good lord you have to take care after your subjects by providing them entertainment. However, you must not forget about your sovereignty. Military force is vital and winning a war can grant your civilization glory for aeons.

“Civilization: Race of Nations” is a turn-based board game for 2 to 4 players.
– play on one device with friends or computer players,
– play online with Google Play,
– achievements,
– rankings,
– interactive tutorial,
– experimental computer player,
– user friendly and easy to read board of whole civilization,
– simple switching between players.

Available languages: English and Polish


I am not receiving notifications about other players’ movement, but after entering my games, their progress is updated. What to do?

1. To play online Google Play service is used. Make sure that movement notification is on. To do so click on “Play Games” application (green controller icon), click “settings” and next activate notifications.
2. Check if synchronization is turned on. To do so enter into Android system settings and select “Accounts and synchronization”.