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The idea behind AffordIt is to create an extremely simple way for users to monitor their budget for individual events such as a shopping trip, holiday, or birthday. There are thousands of apps on the App Store that track monthly budgets, but they are over-complicated and cluttered with unnecessary graphs and charts. The app works in over 200 regions around the world, so wherever you are you can keep track of your expenditure.

The main focus of AffordIt is the user’s budget. As soon as they launch the app, they can clearly see their initial budget, current budget, expenditure and credit. We also have a visual indicator in the form of a progress circle which helps users to limit their expenditure (nobody wants to see that they have spent 95% of their budget!). There are no unnecessary graphs to over-complicate things and it AffordIt’s purpose is very clear – to track individual events. To make things even easier, we even added a Today Widget which allows users to see their budget no matter what they are doing and they can quickly launch the app with a tap. On top of this, we have recently added new features like transaction notes, smart preset names, date adjustment, weekly name entry and much more!

Every element is designed to be as simple and powerful as possible with great features like transaction notes, global search, worldwide support, preset names and automatic value formatting. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service, so if users every need support, or have a suggestion for a possible improvement, then it is extremely easy for them to quickly contact us from within the app.

AffordIt is always being worked on, so you can expect to see a lot of new features being added very soon (Including an Apple Watch version)!