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Rocket Roy

Rocket Roy combines a sense of playful adventure with gorgeous design. This game will make you feel like you’re 10 years old again and on the adventure of a lifetime!

Meet Rocket Roy! Rocket Roy and his girlfriend Jezebel live on opposite sides of the world. Fortunately, Rocket Roy’s made a rocket so that he can fly towards the love of his life. Use your iPad, iPhone or iPod to help Rocket Roy steer his self-made contraption to his beloved Jezebel, and then fly back home together. But don’t forget your thinking cap either! Levels get more and more difficult, and you’ll need to navigate obstacles as well as think your creative way through this game. 

– Think children’s book meets music box meets video game
– Stunning, whimsical graphics and unique visual style
– Beautiful background music and soundscape
– Tests your skills: precision and control win this game
– Tickles the brain: some missions can only be flown in a specific way
– 30+ fun and challenging levels
– Uses your iPad/iPhone as a controller with the built-in gyroscope
– Replayability: try to win all three hearts for each level!
– Looks great on big screens and Retina
– Available as a free version (with ads) and paid version (no ads)
– Made for iPad2 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer and iPod Touch 5 or newer.

About RainySundayAfternoon:
RainySundayAfternoon is really just me. My name is Thijs van den Berg. My “real” job is at the University of Amsterdam where I teach in the English department. But I also enjoy making computer games. I make games in which the player does not have to destroy and kill in order to “win”, and in which the player can feel just as creative playing the game as I felt making it.