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Passwords Database

A big and easy-to-use database for all your information and passwords you want to store. It requires creation of a personal main password ONLY the first time you install the app. In case you forget or miss your main password you have to contact with the programmer at the given email. Of course, you can change the main password later (since you logged in) and only if you give first your current main passwords for safety reasons.

The app includes actions like add,remove and update a certain entry in your database, and of course you can view your entries. Also, there’s the possibility to clear the entire database with one touch after the permission you have to take from the database by giving your main password.

It also includes the export function if you want to transfer all your data in your computer or in another phone. And finally you have the possibility to choose between 2 themes for the application (black or dark gray).

The database which was used to build the app is SQLite.

Any criticism is acceptable.

Hope to like it. 🙂