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Great new platformer game app “Laura in Wonderland”

“Laura in Wonderland” is a Jump `n` Run adventure game that represents the spirit of the unforgettable classics like Super Mario Bros. World, Sonic the Hedgehog, Giana Sisters, Wonderboy, Rayman and Lep’s World.
The most decisive difference to other old school running games is the fact, that this game can be played only with one tap – means only jumping.
This makes it very more comfortable for smartphone and tablet players.
Features of Laura in Wonderland:
+ Exclusive for android devices
+ Old school classic graphics, music and sounds
+ 100 plus colorful levels
+ great, unique and easy gameplay
Everybody who enjoyed games from the days of Arcade and the golden age of Amiga and NES will also love the wacky platformer “Laura in Wonderland”!
Run and jump through over 100 progressively difficult levels with the Sonic speed and help Laura collecting coins and finding out from Wonder Land!