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Galaxy Guardian is here! The galaxy is under threat by Alien spaceships, you must survive for as long as possible. FLY AS FAR AS POSSIBLE.
Protect the Guardian ship by dodging enemy spaceships. Hitting Asteroids and Alien Spaceships will make your spaceship stronger and more equipped and you will score more points by destroying the Aliens. So take the challenge to defend our Planet from the Alien Attack. Press the laser missile button and aim the alien ship and laser missile will seek and destroy the alien ship by its own. use unlimited laser bullets to fire continuously while keeping the laser bullet fire button pressed. Use Powerups by destroying the asteroids and alien spaceship these powerups will give your ship the abilities which you need to win this war. keep Checking the message area above right side so that you will be aware of what is coming.. Best of luck, Go bravely and save the planet Earth from alien conquest.