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Flippin’ Tiles

Flippin’ Tiles is a strategic puzzle game. The objective of the game is to match as many same-color shapes as possible in 90 seconds. Tiles on the game board are randomly flipping to different colors. Once you find your shape, quickly freeze (by tapping) those tiles to earn points. If you match shapes quickly, you will start earning more points per shape match via the bonus value.

BONUS TILES were added to enhance your score to include:
— Universal (White) Tile: Matches any color
— Bonus Up Tile: Doubles your bonus value
— Clock Tile: Adds 15 more seconds to the clock
— Flip All Tile: Flips all the inactive tiles to one color for 5 seconds
— Bonus Multiplier Tile: One-time addition of 4 times the current bonus value to your score
— “X” Tile: Divides the game board into an “X” fashion with same-color tiles in each quadrant.

Master all four levels from Easy to Flippin’ Crazy!

The best part, it’s FREE!


(Game was developed by one person – code, music, graphics – all of it! 🙂