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Fancred is an app for capturing your favorite sports moments.
You’ve been to some awesome sporting events, haven’t you? Probably even seen some amazing plays, taken killer photos, and made memories with friends that will last a lifetime.
How did you capture all those sports moments? Exactly. There is no app to capture every aspect of your sports life. That’s why we built Fancred… to help capture those sports moments so that you can relive them whenever, wherever, right from your phone.
• Capture your gameday photos, especially those selfies with friends.
• Where ya at? Check-in at the stadiums and events you attend.
• Share the articles you read, the videos you watch, and all of the GIFs. GIFs are awesome.
• Increase your ‘Cred. The Fancred Score 1-100 scoring system that increases whenever you post or interact with others. Warning: It’s a little addictive, so say goodbye to any productivity for the rest of the day.
• There are more than 2,700 team tags on Fancred. 2,700! For teams all around the world! Some of their names we have a tough time pronouncing, so we’re going to need your help with that.
• This is the 6th bullet point. We could go on writing many more bullet points, but here’s the thing: You deserve an app to capture all of your moments. So download Fancred, talk about your favorite teams, and give us a shout if we can help in any way:
Gameday Unites Us. Make Gameday Everyday.