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Bugs Math Preschool Learning Games Free

Bugs Math Preschool Learning Games is about numbers, counting challenge, basic addition and subtraction for kids, match games and number sequences that allow your tots to build important math skills while they are continually entertained. It’s a perfect children math game for ages 3 to 6, with free activities, other levels can be unlocked through in-app purchase.

Bugs Math Preschool Learning Games is a free app that features interactive, engaging, fun and cool math games that teach children about counting, matching, missing number, sizes, adding and subtracting.

For the Parents:
1. Does not contain links to social networking sites or to the internet but contains ads that will be redirected to their sites.
2. Contains free content with an in-app purchase to unlock other puzzle pieces.

Bugs Math Preschool Learning Games is free on iTunes:

Here’s a video of Bugs Math Preschool Learning Games:

About Family Play:

Family Play is a team of passionate developers, artists and educators that develop educational apps catered to toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary school students, to help them learn faster and have fun doing it. Family Play has over a million users worldwide, from students with diverse backgrounds all over the US, home schooled kids in the Philippines, children practicing English in China and almost every country in between. Recently, Family Play has begun releasing apps catered for primary school math and other school subjects that will aid not just the kids’ learning but the parents and educators alike.

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Thank you for taking time to know about Family Play. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about the app or Family Play.

Reverie Taroy
Marketing Officer, Family Play