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Awesome game Taddy Bird

Fly in the Candy Land with Your Bird:) Game that is full of thrilling and action packed flying adventure. Its not only a copy of flappy bird but contains many more features and is more fun to play with it.
One of the penguin was feeling very bore in its native town. She was from one of the islands in north pole. It was her wish that she find some place where she could live away from white snow and blue oceans.
So in the search of colourful place she managed to find candy land far away from the north pole after days of journey. The Candy Land was too beautiful for her and she started to move on and on enjoying every place in the beautiful candy land. There she used to eat candies of different flavours instead of the food from which she was bored of.
Meanwhile someone told her that right at the end of Candy Land there is a very beautiful valley that is much more beautiful than that of Candy Land. She started her journey to that unknown valley and when she reached there she saw something that she couldn’t even imagine…..:-). Now you help your penguin to reach that place where the Penguin of Candy Land is enjoying.
How to Play?
1. Eat Candies
2. Avoid Obstacles
3. Keep flying by tapping on the Screen