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Sniper City : Zombies

Pick up your Sniper Rifle and get ready to defend yourself against incoming dead Zombies! 
this is our new generation 3D Zombie Killer Game. enjoy yourself.

A virus unlike anything we’ve seen before has spread like wildfire around the city. Everyday people going about their business have been transformed into creatures that will kill any living thing they come across. Survivors have fled, hoping to escape, but this is now a city of the dead. Those lucky enough to still be alive beside some Barriers, waiting to be rescued.

* Provides high quality graphics as it was produced in full HD.
* With the controls optimized for smartphones, the feeling of enthrallment is right at your fingertips.
* The high quality visual and sound effects will give you a sense of realism during each blow and attack.
* An immersive first-person 3D adventure blending stunning graphics, excellent music and realistic sound effects to create a highly detailed world.
* New upgrade system – adapt and improve your weaponry. 
4 classic weapons to choose from including M24, P90, MSR and M107 Barrett. Every weapon has been realistically recreated and each has a unique feel and performance.
* Multiple Zombie enemies to challenge your skills. The hordes of undead will keep you on your toes and your finger on the trigger.
* Smooth, intuitive controls to play with ease. Precision aiming will help you take down zombies and rack up kill streaks. 
* The virus is getting stronger over time and the zombies are getting more powerful. You need to keep fighting to rescue survivors and save the city.
* Many hours of Gameplay, even for the best..
* Amazing Headshots.

Excellent graphics and animation – bringing the post-virus world to life
Shocking sound effects and music – taking you into the world of the game