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Happy Roll

Happy is dropped out of the Happy World and he wants to get back…
Cross all terrains to rescue Happy by completing all the challenging levels!

Solve each of these exciting and addictive levels and get Happy to the flag. Use your ingenious skills to complete this strategy game. Use everything you have from powerups to portals to guide Happy to the finish line. Move and rotate the pieces to get him back to his world…

Share your progress with your friends on Facebook and challenge them to do better! Earn Google Play Achievements and unlock different costumes to show off your killer style and your amazing skills.

Can you get Happy to the Happy World?

Enjoy this strategic puzzle!

Metal blocks and moon pieces can be moved and rotated and are not affected by gravity.
Wooden blocks can be moved and rotated but are affected by gravity.
Powerups can be moved but not rotated.

Discover new features every level!
New Levels and Powerups Coming Soon…