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Winkel Ball

Collect the key and exit out the door, seems simple but there is so much more.

Winkel Ball is easy to learn but hard to master. Draw a paddle anywhere to control a bouncing ball. Get the angles right to move the ball in the direction you want. Break through blocks and collect power ups all while avoiding spikes to exit each room.

Each room contains a different setup of blocks, spikes and power ups each with their own traits to make this game a mix of puzzle and arcade action.

The first 8 rooms are free to try! Unlock the full version to get access to the full 40 rooms in regular play mode.

Challenge yourself to unlock all the achievements including collecting every star in every room.

Practice with customised settings to hone in your skills or go for a high score in endless mode.

Create your own rooms using the inbuilt editor and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Once you have unlocked the full version you can then play the rooms that you have created and download rooms created by others. There is an unlimited amount of rooms to access from the community of room makers.

The free version contains:
* 8 Rooms in regular play mode.
* Practice mode with limited settings.
* Build your own room mode.
* Share rooms that you build.

The unlocked version contains:
* 40 rooms in regular play mode.
* Practice mode with all the settings accessible.
* Endless mode where you keep going until you run out of time or lives and aim for a high score.
* Play rooms that you build.
* Access to the community of rooms built by other people around the world.