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Privr – Prevent Espionage

Privr is a lightweight application that helps to control unauthorized access.

Privr securely records and stores unauthorized access (including a picture) during your absence.

The app helps to protect your privacy and provides useful information about unauthorized access. Thanks to the internal passcode the stored information is only available to you.

.. stores unauthorized access internally (including a picture) *
.. protects stored notifications with a passcode
.. records failed passcode attempts
.. is able to store pictures to camera roll
.. notifies you with badge-signs
.. is able to manage stored notifications

* If the app is being closed too fast after unlocking the iPhone, no picture may be taken. Nonetheless, the access attempt is still recorded.

Please note: The Privr app does not protect your iPhone against unauthorized access. Instead, it clarifies who gained access to your cellphone at which time.

By activating „Guided Access“ you can limit possible interactions. To be discovered under: Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.