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Ninja Slicer – a different ninja game.

We have just released our first game Ninja Slicer for iOS and Android, and we would really love for you to take a look at it.
We are two students from Denmark eager to contribute to the game marked.

Our goal was simple. We wanted to make a game that was more natural to play on a touch screen than on a computer with a mouse. Notice that this is not the case most apps out there.
The game started out as a kind of hockey game, but then we though to our selves: “Is it not more fun to throw ninja stars at ninjas, than to throw hockey pucks at a hockey goal?”, and so Ninja Slicer took its shape.

Here is our description on app store:
“Stop the attacking ninjas by throwing ninja stars at them!
Fight your way through the many fun and challenging levels and try out time mode to beat the high scores of your friends. Get new exciting weapons and follow your progress in the trophy room.”

The app is free.
You can find the app and a number of screenshots from the game here on app store:

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
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