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Join a very private, event-based network geared to ease the process of creating events. Minamate is that space where you can separate your private and public life.

Minamate serves to be a channel for you to:
• Quickly show when you are available to hang out (via our Greenlight) instead of using conventional methods like texting and calling, so with a quick switch, you can show all your friends you want to hang out now!
• Show what current things you are willing to do or go out for (via our Bulletlist), so always update!
• Find public events you might be interested in or want to publish to the world (via our Posts) such as joining the next Comi-con or advertising that you have a yard sale coming up!

Say you have a movie you want to watch and you want to go tomorrow. Use Minamate and find who is available and who is interested in seeing that movie. Maybe you’ll find a perfect match! What reason do you have to not go out with that person?

Current features include:
• Connections – Your list of friends or family that you wouldn’t mind spending time with. No one will be able to view this other than yourself.
• Messaging – Message your connections and create group chats as well.
• Greenlight – Quickly show your connections when you’re available to hang out.
• Calendar – Create and manage all the events you have created or joined.
• Bulletlist – A current list of things you have great interest in.
• Posts – Public events that any member can see and create, which include from small yard sales to sports events.
• Color theme – Choose your own personal color theme that will control how Minamate looks to you and those who view your page.
• Secret code – Hate getting random or insincere friends requests? Create a secret code that stops any such request, requiring anyone to know that secret code to make a connection request.