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Make your beautiful body!

Your personal trainer is on Google Play!

Want to be pumped up and lose weight, but you need support and motivation? Ask your smartphone to engage with you. We present ​​updated application “Make your beautiful body!” Features of this program unique: you get demanding and attentive personal trainer workouts for home, taking care of your body.

How does this help to train?

Opportunity to attend the expensive gyms, and even more to pay for services of a personal trainer, is not at all. Besides working with a mentor, it may be to go for a match and will not help you. Trainings in a comfortable environment to help lose weight and get in shape too shy or just terribly busy people. Unique training schedule and personal dietary advice to help you become strong, confident and healthy. The result you will notice after 1 month of regular classes.

How does it work?

The main advantage of the application – individual training program. Work with the application easily, intuitively understandable interface. Choosing the level of complexity, correctly count force. When you are not involved in sports, the level of “easy” for you. There are initial training? Select “medium” or “complex” level. Levels approaches differ in the number and complexity of the exercise.
Training program on weekdays available for viewing. At the right time, your phone will remind you of your workout. Technique exercises described in detail and the most simple. Trainings for different groups of muscles are performed in succession on separate days to avoid congestion and to ensure uniformity of total body workout. Leading Statistics exercises performed, the application itself will handle the load.
Every workout you mark made in the application. If necessary, the messaging function on the implementation of the next training can be disabled.


★ individual training programs, motivating reminders and tangible results in 4 weeks – it’s so inspiring for a healthy lifestyle;
★ intuitive interface and simple descriptions of exercises – sport accessible even to children;
★ competent distribution of loads and rest timer – The self-easy as never before;