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Freediving Hunter

Freediving Hunter is the first freediving spearfishing game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod platform.

Game play
• First- and third-person game play combination
• Create streaks, level up, and reach your “bag limit” to unlock new spearfishing gear
• Eighteen cool gear combos, each with its own unique look and skill set
• Ultimate gear combo will blow your mind – but you have to find it first
• Responsive, intuitive controls
• Unique fish fighting system
• Greedy sharks try to steal your fish
• Smart fish that react to your presence
• Time-restricted diving (based upon your virtual lung capacity) creates tension and suspense
• Difficulty and lung capacity increase as you play
• Underwater blackout system will lock you out of the game for 3 minutes
• Customizable UI colors

• Environment will make you feel like you’re underwater
• Seven different hunting spots to unlock
• Once you’ve unlocked hunting spots, you can move freely between them at your own pace

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