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Computer Science Study Kit

Computer Science Study Kit is a computer science study application for students and professionals who want to quickly refresh their knowledge in computer science subjects. This application is ideal for those who would like to test their computer science knowledge or to refer to some points or clear doubts about some concepts and have no time to refer to their textbooks at the last moment before an exam or a technical interview.

It is a complete study package including subject notes for quick reference and a quiz system to test one’s knowledge.
This initial release 1.0 includes the following subjects
-Programming in C.
Some features of this application are:
-Free (Ad Supported)
-Easy to use interface.
-In depth study material.
-Study module: Short and informative subject notes for quick reference.
-Quiz module: Evaluates computer subjects knowledge for each topic.
-Explanations at the end of quiz answers where it is necessary for clarification.

Download this app free at :