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Physics Puzzles

Collection of the most interesting physics puzzles from every day life!
Why is the sky blue?
What are the best seats in a movie theater?
Can the Invisible Man see?
How do NASA scientists levitate a frog using magnets?
Can you travel back is time and undo your past?

Our everyday life is riddled with so many such interesting questions. Physics Puzzles is a collection of answers to these puzzles. Entertain your brain, improve your Physic IQ and impress your friends!

The app contains over 60 questions from a wide variety of Physics topics – from Moving bodies to Heat to Theory of Relativity and Time Travel!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

Most questions can be answered with common sense and logical thinking by an inquisitive mind. Questions range from easy to hard. Knowledge of Physics might or might not be helpful. Easy questions stem from observations in daily life (“why do glasses crack when hot coffee is poured into them?”). For the harder questions (e.g. time travel), reading the answer will give you an excellent idea of the thought process physicists follow. They are also an excellent resource for improving your Physics knowledge.

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