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Hey You Free – get in touch

Hey You Free is an innovative and uncomplicated way to get in touch with new people like you. Hey You Free provides localization via GPS, 3G or Wifi to indentify your physical position relativ to other people who wants to get in touch with new people. Get in touch now, with new people in your visible area, no FAKE, no Fun Application.
for example, you catch someone’s eye and you don’t know to interact, use Hey You as uncomplicated way to get in touch.
– share your location to let other people know, where you are.
– meet people in your local area, on holiday or even at work, everywhere you are and you will be.
– send an uncomplicated Hey You to get in touch without risk
– you have to pass Hey You to your friends and hoomies to get the real Hey You experience.
– Hey You push notification as an uncomplicated, innovativ never seen way to get in touch with other new people, without any risk!
– fastest and uncomplicated way to show interest and to get in touch.
– no advertising
– check out and see people nearby you.
– get in touch with people at school, university, work or even on parties and public events, everywhere you want.
– you don’t see anybody near you, tell your friends about Hey You and make it happen to meet your personal favorite girl or boy.
Hey You will own you with the following new and never seen features:
– 25 meter visible radius on map
– no advertising
– distance between you and new other people in realtime
Hey You Free is easy to use, anonym and discreet, start Hey You now, set up your profile and click the update button, to see
new people nearby, which have the same intention like you, just Hey You.
For suggestion, questions, concerns and support, contact us via email or via our Website Support URL
Any publishing or messaging of any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defarmatory content of any kind (text,images,grafics,photographs,etc), has as enforcing measure a lifetime banned account.
Keep and understand Hey You as a new, innovative, clean, safe and uncomplicated way to meet new people near you, who wants to get in touch with other people like you. Our primary goal is to make you happy and satisfied using Hey You to pickup new people near you, without any risk or delusion.
Say now, Hey You!

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